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We see the value in everyone, here at the Open Door Mission. We have been striving to make a positive impact in our community since we opened our doors in 1967. Since the days we first opened our doors we have been driven by the same purpose: providing the services an individual needs to get back on their feet again. We offer three main year round sources to accomplish this goal.

Our soup kitchen is located on the bottom floor of the building. Donations are sorted through what can and cannot be used in the meals that we serve. Food items that cannot be used are donated to local farmers. Items that can be used are stored in our facility. We can accommodate donations of nearly any size with a large storage area with a walk in cooler and freezer. We offer all of our residents with 3 meals a day through the week. We offer 2 meals everyday to the public throughout the year.


The homeless shelter is located on the bottom floor of our facility as well. Each resident is allowed access to our thrift store to get a few outfits if they feel they do not have enough clothing. Residents have to leave the facility at 7am and be back between 4-10pm to keep their bed the next day. NO Drinking or Non-Prescription Drugs are allowed in our facility. All residents are provided with everything they need to keep themselves and their clothes clean and well taken care of. At the moment to stay in our facility you need a recent negative Covid test/ or vaccination proof, and some form of identification.

Our Veteran/Transitional shelter is located on the top floor of our facility. Each individual staying up here is provided with everything the residents downstairs are provided with. The upstairs residents have their own private rooms instead of the dormitory style facilities in the homeless shelter. The upstairs shelter also does not allowed any drinking or drug use. There is a large community room where some small kitchen appliances and a communal refrigerator are located.  

All three of the services are Supported by our thrift store which is located on the first floor in the front of our building. We sell only items that have been donated to our facility by local individuals and businesses. All profits from the thrift store go to support our other programs. The thrift store opens on weekdays at 8:30am and 9pm on Saturday.